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e-Xpat Online Immigration Portal

The immigration process can be a complicated process with a great deal of paperwork and processes to constantly monitor. Digging through emails or potentially missing an important date can create tremendous issues for HR Departments. Resident Vietnam has developed the e-Xpat portal to help HR teams manage and track assignee immigration processes in one easy to use, secure, online location. E-Xpat offers for all our clients free and secured around the clock access to your foreign employees’ information including: issuance and expiry dates of work permits, visas, residence cards, and much more. Automatic reminders are emailed to the portal user prior expiry date of documents to ensure your employees are in compliance at times. View a demo of this highly useful tool here:


“Very much proactive. They completed all requirements timely & without any rework. Good to have a partner like Resident Vietnam”