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Prepare the Move

Resident Vietnam has a wide range of programs for International Assignees including Pre-Decision Tours (helping you decide if Vietnam is the place for you), Home Search, School Search, Cultural Training and much more. All are designed to help you get the most out of living and working in Vietnam.

Pre-Move Checklist

Below are some selected key suggestions picked from our Welcome Kit to ensure you have everything you need and are ready for the move! For more questions see our FAQ or contact us for our full checklist and to learn how we can help you make your relocation easy!

  • Make sure you have a separate passport for each family member. Check all expiration dates.
  • Originals of birth certificate and marriage certificate
  • Copies of your children’s school records
  • Letters of credit, reference and competence
  • Travelers’ checks. Have cash (preferably USD) for exchanging and settling in purposes
  • Adequate supply of any prescriptions until a local source can be identified
  • Contact Resident Vietnam to arrange an health check at an international clinic in Vietnam (required for Work Permit)
  • Review insurance policies to make sure coverage is adequate
  • Notify home country charge accounts of address change or have them cancelled
  • If transporting a pet to Vietnam, obtain required tests and inoculations
  • Copy all vital documents and store them and/or originals in safe place in the home country. Make sure they are accessible should they be needed
  • Notify home country post office of change of mailing address. Double check forwarding address
  • Obtain medical and dental records for you and your family and bring copies
  • Receive tax consultation from an international tax expert
  • Make sure all legal documents are carried in your personal luggage. Do not send them with your shipment.


Vietnam has over 82 million people. It is a very young country with 70% of the population under the age of thirty! Over 8.5 million people live in Ho Chi Minh City alone!